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How do I update the final url?

socalcrazy 12-12-14

How do I update the final url?

My diagnostic reports tells me that there is no final url specified, so the page won't load. I've looked all over the url targeting settings and I can't seem to find anything related to a "final url". Is this just bad wording and the field is labeled something else in settings? 

Amanda 12-13-14

Re: How do I update the final url?

The final URL refers to the page you have loaded in the editor. From the editor, click "Options" > "Editor Settings" and make sure you have URL applied here.

The page that you load into the editor using the Editor settings described above allows you to make edits to the page. It has no impact on where the experiment will run. Your URL targeting settings determine where the experiment will run. Occasionally, you will see an error message in the diagnostic report if these 2 URLs do not match, but if you can confirm your URL settings are correct, then you should be good to go!

Let me know if this helps clear things up. I am happy to provide more details.

Happy holidays!