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How do you manage multiple click goals?

jpfotoz 06-29-16

How do you manage multiple click goals?

For those of you who do A/B testing on full page (stand alone HTML) designs against a templated CMS system -- how do you manage multiple click tracking on multiple page redesigns when the new design's HTML keeps changing - thus breaking the A/B Click tracking. 


(Yes, having ID consistancy is the solution...but not always an option.)



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Lyndsey 06-30-16

Re: How do you manage multiple click goals?

Hi There! As you mentioned, the best way to achieve this will be by using specific IDs or other selectors that are unique to the elements. If you do not have those available on the page, you can add a class or an ID to an element within the variation code and then bind to that selector for the goal. This way, when the element moves around the page it will continue to be tracked. Here is more information on how to find unique selectors or create your own within Optimizely:
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