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How prevent Refreshing?

jerryau 11-24-14

How prevent Refreshing?

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I'm testing a Home page on Optimizely, however this page refreshes every 90 seconds. For that reason I can't perform any tests because even when I'm on editing mode the page refreshes and all changes done on Optimizely are lost.


Is there any way to prevent that?

Unfortunately, there's no way on my side to remove the refreshing code/



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Joel_Balmer 11-25-14

Re: How prevent Refreshing?

Oh no, this doesn't sound fun!

Out of interest, how is the refreshing performed?

You could try downloading a copy of your site, and then hosting that locally (i.e. using MAMP). You will then be able to point the Optimizely editor to this local URL, for instance:


Short of this, it's best practise to save your experiment regularly, so saving after every change you make will prevent your changes being lost.

Good luck!
JDahlinANF 11-25-14

Re: How prevent Refreshing?

Is it a full "Refresh" (the entire page reloads), in which case, your Optimizely changes should simply be re-applied once the new page load completes.


Is it an AJAX based refresh (content on the page refreshes via an AJAX request which loads new content into a certain section of the page), in which case you would need a way to listen for the "refresh" so you coudl re-apply your changes when the content updates.


Can you share a link to the site?  We might be able to provide some insight by looking at what the page is actually doing.

jerryau 11-25-14

Re: How prevent Refreshing?

Thank you all. I really appreciate your help. I'll be sure to keep saving the changes and re-applying after it refreshes. Thanks
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