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How to A/B test a basket page (no products)

dath 03-10-16

How to A/B test a basket page (no products)



I'm trying to edit the text of a button on a basket page:


But without any products added to the basket, the button is not visible. How do I add products to the basket, so I can edit the "hidden" button?


The URL is the same with or without products in the basket.



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JDahlinANF 03-10-16

Re: How to A/B test a basket page (no products)

@dath - A couple ways to do this:

1- In the top-right of the editor, change the editor from "Editing Mode" to "Interactive Mode".  Once in Interactive Mode, you will be able to use the website to add a product to your basket, then upon returning to the page that you want to edit, switch back to "Editing Mode".


2- Presuming that your site uses cookies to keep track of products in your cart, have you tried adding items to your cart before editing your experiment?  The version of your site that appears in the editor might remember the products you have already selected.


3- Instead of using the Optimizely editor to select the things you want to modify, write the code by handle in your browser's console then paste the working code into the editor (inside of "Edit Code").


jQuery('.wc-proceed-to-checkout a.wc-forward').html('New Text Here');