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How to designate a target area

Yoshida 09-03-14

How to designate a target area



We created a web page targeted/limited to one particular area of Japan and wanted to show this web page only in this particular area.  So we used Geolocation feature of Optimizely to designate this one particular area, however we could not limit/target this test web page to only show in this particular area.  Could you please advise how we should adjust the settings in this case?


For your reference, the particular area we targeted is Kansai region (south-western region of Japan surrounding Osaka).

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Amanda 09-04-14

Re: How to designate a target area

I am happy to help with this question, however I want to make sure I am understanding you.

You want to target your experiment to just one area of Japan: the Kansai region. However, you are unable to find this region using the geolocation?

Or, you were able to target this region correctly using geolocation targeting, but despite the targeting settings, the experiment is still showing up in other regions.

Looking forward to hearing back from you!
Yoshida 09-08-14

Re: How to designate a target area

Thank you for your reply--Amanda.

I am sorry for this belated reply,and for not explaining in detail what we did.


We tried a setup of two patterns.

・Seven prefectures in the Kansai region were set as "Visitor is in of these locations".

・The prefecture which is not the Kansai region was set to "Visitor is not in of these locations".

However, either did not have a result.  

Since we would like to know why it cannot do, I want them to teach in how.


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