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How to exclude PPC from A/B test

Gibbelaar 05-07-14

How to exclude PPC from A/B test

I'm planning to run an A/B experiment but I'm only interested in targetting people who have come via a search engine, but not PPC (as we run a lot of PPC activity). I can see I can set up an audience that targets those who came via Google for example but not sure how I segment that Google referral traffic from organic serach vs PPC? Any advice would be welcomed. 

AdamA 05-07-14

Re: How to exclude PPC from A/B test

Hi there,


Optimizely lets you set both positive and negative visitor conditions, so you can set one condition that matches your search traffic, and another that excludes PPC traffic.

  1. Go to Options > Targeting
  2. Click "Add more conditions" in the Visitor Conditions section
  3. Set a Positive Condition -- "Come from these URLs" and simple match any search engine you want to target traffic from.
  4. Set a Negative Condition -- "Don't match any of these query parameters" and include each of your PPC query parameters (like utm_campaign, gclid, etc.)

For more information on visitor conditions, check out this article. And for more, specifically, on PPC, check out this use case!


I hope that helps you target your experiment correctly, and thanks for posting!

Gibbelaar 05-08-14

Re: How to exclude PPC from A/B test

Thanks for the swift response Adam. Looks pretty straightforward so I'll follow your instructions. Thanks again.