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How to optimise tabbed content

Grandev 08-04-16

How to optimise tabbed content

Hi, can anyone help me with the following queries:


Running an experiment only on Mobile.

Telling me how to optimise tabbed content.


The page in question (where I only want to optimise the mobile version) is >


Look forward to some support.  Smiley Happy


Many thanks,


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Grandev 08-04-16

Re: How to optimise tabbed content

Ignore the first question - as I can see this can be set up and edited under Audiences! Just the second query I need some support on.
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robertchan 08-04-16

Re: How to optimise tabbed content

I'm assuming you resolved the first part, you can simply set device conditions for iPhone and other mobile devices. Not quite sure what you mean by "tabbed content," but if it's a menu, you can always do simple tests such as copy changes and color changes. I would recommend a complete change of the menu style so you get more impact out of your changes and your test creates more value/significance.
Robert Chan

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inigam 08-05-16

Re: How to optimise tabbed content


Two ways you can do it

1- use your selectors: I checked and on your site you can use these Div Ids
DETAILS - tabmenu-product-info-description
FEATURE- tabmenu-additional
REVIEWS- tabmenu-reviews

e.g. $('#tabmenu-additional a').text('F-Changed');

will change it like below. ( and same way you can change all the content as well)

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 13.10.36.png


2- if you are not familiar with that level of coding.

I would advise to

Open the Experiment URL

Toggle Editing mode to Interactive Mode

Go to the TAB you want to edit

and again switch it back to Editing mode whilst you are on your desired tab.


Hope that helps


Let me know if it does.





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