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How to optimize site for mobile viewing?

VirtuallyWren 08-18-16

How to optimize site for mobile viewing?

Hi! I'm doing A/B testing on a newsletter signup page. I created the new page and I've been running the experiment, but someone pointed out to me today that it looked TERRIBLE on mobile. I went and checked, and sure enough, it's cutting off half the page!! Yikes. 


How do I design the B page so it optimizes for mobile?

David_Orr 08-19-16

Re: How to optimize site for mobile viewing?



Running a test on a mobile device is a bit tricky. If your site doesn't already have a mobile layout then I would recommend reaching out to your developers to provide you with the css and/or jquery that will make the site responsive.


If you site already has a mobile theme but you would like to make small changes, you can utilize the editor's mobile view.


Mobile View:


This article will walk you through on how to change the editor to load your site on a smaller frame to simulate a mobile site. This will allow the visual editor to select mobile specific elements when it creates the variation code.


Audience Targeting:


You'll want to target mobile devices for this experiment using the "Device" audience condition.



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Re: How to optimize site for mobile viewing?

Thanks David! That's really helpful.