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How to transfer data to the GA

7pro 02-10-17

How to transfer data to the GA

We use a standard implementation of GA via GTM

individual tag placed the experiment code

As we add the code of your articleЛ if we do not as such the GA code?
where to insert:
// Optimizely Universal Analytics Integration Code
window.optimizely = window.optimizely || [];
// End Optimizely Code



Thank you

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rockymcg 02-14-17

Re: How to transfer data to the GA

Hi 7pro,

It looks like you're using Optimizely X, which doesn't require the activateUniversalAnalytics API call to properly integrate with Google Analytics— so you shouldn't need to add the code you've specified.


That said, we do have specific steps documented here for using a Google Analytics Integration with Google Tag Manager in Optimizely X.