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How to undo changes?

Slavbass 01-25-15

How to undo changes?

Hi I was working editing my experiment and it took me few days, do I was hitting the save button few times.


Then I checked the result in the preview mode, and didn't  like how it's working, so I decided to undo save, but I could not find how to do it, as z button just did not work.


What should I do to come back to my older saves?


Thank you!

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Joel_Balmer 01-26-15

Re: How to undo changes?

Hi there!


Every time you save the project this pushes the new version of the snippet to our CDN.


I'm afraid we do not store historical versions of your snippet so these aren't available to access, and therefore revert to an earlier version of your project.


However, the undo function should work in normal situations - have at this section of our articles for a deeper explanation of best practices with the undo feature, here.


I hope that helps!

Slavbass 02-02-15

Re: How to undo changes?

Hi Joel, 


Thank you for the reply!


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