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I can´t edit elements

SebasHK 10-14-15

I can´t edit elements

Hello, we have a problem.

We have already installed the code of Optimizely in one page.

We have created a experiment with this page and when we arrived to edit page only can select a modal window. It´s appear above the home . This modal window is the page of Login.  On the rest of the page (homr) we can´t edit anything.


This is the url:





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Re: I can´t edit elements

Hi there,

It sounds like a modal is preventing you from editing underlying content. Is that the case here? If so, you can use editor-only code to hide the modal while editing. It looks something like this:

/* _optimizely_evaluate=editor_only */


/* _optimizely_evaluate=end_editor_only */

If that's not the case, please clarify and if you could, post a screenshot. I opened the link you sent but did not see a modal pop up. Let me know if this helps!

Amy Herbertson
Customer Success