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IP filter is not working

Chanjong 02-08-17

IP filter is not working

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Hi there.

im using Optimizely X now.

i set filtering my IP address by using regex on Setting tab correctly but i got a problem

it is working well on Chrome but Internet Explorer is not. i used just one laptop.

any suggestions?


best regards


Chanjong Woo
Seoul, South Korea
Certification, Optimizely
Level 4

Dyel 02-17-17

Re: IP filter is not working

Hi Chan,

Thank for reaching out to the Optimizely community. Could you elaborate on your issue so I can try and point you in the right direction.

Do you mean that when you are using IE your results are not getting filtered?

Kind regards,
Jason-GSell 02-17-17

Re: IP filter is not working

Hi Chanjong, can you explain what the problem is? Are you seeing an error message?
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