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Identify Optimizely

Kuijkens 02-23-16

Identify Optimizely

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Hi there,


Is there any way to identify Optimizely editor?

We are using a 3rd party which is securing our website against bad bots and crawlers, they however are also blocking Optimizely.


Does Optimizely have a static IP range we can whitelist, is it identifiable by UserAgent or can we add custom headers?

Those are the options the 3rd party provided us by which they can whitelist Optimizely entirely.




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DavidS 02-24-16

Re: Identify Optimizely

Hi Kuijkens,


Thanks for your message!

Because the Visual Editor acts as a regular browser when loading your page, it is quite difficult to whitelist it. The Visual Editor doesn't rely on a fixed range of IPs, nor uses a specified User-Agent that would allow you to identify it. 


In your case, it is possible that your issue could be related to the Visual Editor itself and not your website security settings. Have you made sure the URL targeting settings are set up correctly and that mixed content is disabled on your browser?

These settings could cause the Visual Editor to load an unwanted page or could prevent the Visual Editor from loading.

You can find out more about how to solve Visual Editor loading issues via this Knowledge Base article.


Let me know if that helps!


Best regards,

Technical Support Representative
Optimizely - EMEA