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Identify email users

AlexCox6 04-17-19

Identify email users

Hi All,


I need a way to identify returning users who have previously come form an email. We do have URL conditions I can use to identify when a user directly comes from an email but the issue is when they return to the site in the coming days and weeks. 


I think using audience attributes may work as Optimizely already identifies a uses with UID. Is there some code we can use in a campaign to pass data into an optimizely's external attributes?


thank you for any help and assistance 

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JasonDahlin 04-17-19

Re: Identify email users

Hi @AlexCox6 ,

If I am targeting a known finite list of emails, here is how I would build this:


You will need to create an audience that looks for 2 conditions:

a- URL currently contains a parameter containing XXX

b- contains XXX


To make the "B" part work, you will need to add code to your site that places the email identifier into local storage so that you can access it on subsequent visits


--Jason Dahlin
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