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Image Change Chrome

juditheibl 12-27-15

Image Change Chrome



I changed a small picture on a website with optimizely. I have set up the test in Firefox and everything looks fine. But when I test it with Chrome, the new image does not appear. Also not in the editor on Chrome.


The image is on the server, not on the website server itself.


Do you know, why Chrome doesn't show the image?




Re: Image Change Chrome

Thank you for your question @juditheibl!


I took a look at your active experiment and it seemed to be working properly for me when I enabled mixed content and QA'd it via our Preview mode. Since this seems like it could be an isolated issue with your expeirment or your site, I'd like to reach out to you via email to gather some more information and offer some extra help. I hope to help you get set up and things working smoothly soon; feel free to reply back to my email with any questions.