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Image Placement

jklaiber 06-07-16
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Image Placement

Dear all


I want to find out the impact of a displayed image on my productdetailpage. Therefore I uploaded the image and placed it at the position I wanted it to appear. But everytime I click somethin else in the editor the image changes its location. I tried it several times not only with the move function but with the relocation function as well. 

Has anyone had the same problem?


Thanks for answers!




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robertchan 06-07-16

Re: Image Placement

Could you please share the code and a forced variation link so that it's easier to help you troubleshoot? There must be something overriding your code. You should also try detaching/cloning/appending the object if you're using jQuery and that's not what's already in your code.
Robert Chan

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MartijnSch 06-07-16

Re: Image Placement

What could happen is that some other code is indeed moving the image after it's loaded. But it could also be this is not in Optimizely. Probably the code that you're looking for looks something like this: $(".").append(""); with some values in between the quotes. This should also do the job in the end to get what you want.
jklaiber 06-15-16

Re: Image Placement

This is the URL with the forced variation where I wanted to place the image:
I haven't used jQuery, I just placed and moved the image. It should appear below the grey box but changes its location to where you can see it in the link.
As I am not a programmer and I don't know anything about jQuery do you see a way to solve this problem?
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