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Inactive Experiment Interfering with Website

Ruiyang12 06-01-15

Inactive Experiment Interfering with Website



I have created an experiment on Optimizely on our request demos buttons. But it is not active. Experiment ID: 2786460593.


Now I am told that we are experiencing issues that visitors requested demos through this url:


And we also have received many more error reports on our request demo button. So is Optimizely interfering with our website even if the experiment is not even launched?


Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to stop this without deleting the experiment. 




Re: Inactive Experiment Interfering with Website

Hi there,

I had a look at your project and experiment 2786460593. As you mentioned, there are currently no active experiments within your project. Since the snippet is not executing code, your edits on Optimizely should not be interfering with your website.

Can you send me a screenshot of the information that suggest visitors are requesting demos through From what I see, this looks like a blank experiment and so I'm a bit confused how that would be possible. Was there ever a time that a page was loaded in this experiment and your internal team requested demos using interactive mode?

Further, can you send a screenshot of the error reports you're seeing on the request demo button?

Thanks! Curious to see what might be happening here!

Amy Herbertson
Customer Success