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Inquiry form submission problems upon return to page

MeganD 10-08-14

Inquiry form submission problems upon return to page

Hi -


We use optimizely for a variety of landing page tests. Recently we noticed that within IE and Chrome - that a visitor who returns to a landing page is unable to complete the form. It is only after we clear browing history that an individual is able to complete the form.


Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue before?

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Gary 10-09-14

Re: Inquiry form submission problems upon return to page

Hi Megan,

This is a tricky one (mainly because IE is a painful browser to debug), but the fact that it's happening in Chrome as well could shed some insight on what is happening.

In the setup of your experiment, have you used the 'EDIT HTML' feature on your form?

If so, this is a likely culprit for your troubles.

If you have replaced a large section of the page's HTML using the "Edit HTML" feature this will hardcode content and (at times) break the functionality of it. You should avoid using edit HTML as a Best Practive whenever possible since it's possible that it will overwrite dynamic functionality, such as the form submission logic. Here is a support article that explains in more detail:

If this is the case, can you re-build the experiment trying other commands/functions in Optimizely and see how that helps?

I hope this helps!
- Gary
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