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Intergration with CRM

Tammy 02-23-15

Intergration with CRM



I have a question, have you heard about integration between Optimizely and CRM?

It's not specific requirement or question.


My customer is using Teradata as CRM, and now they are thinking to start use Optimizely, so it seems they think up "Is there any additional profit if we could integrate Optimizely as our new tool with our CRM?  Is there any fore runner who have already done such thing and had the profit by using Optimizely and CRM?"


They don't seem to have specific idea.  If you know some storie about someone who getting the profits by the combination use of Optimizely and CRM, could you please share them wit us? 


Thank you in advance

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Joel_Balmer 02-27-15

Re: Intergration with CRM

Hi there!

Yes, I believe it might be valuable in some cases for Optimizely to be integrated with a CRM. Once example could be that you could see that a specific visitor in your experiment converted for a given goal, who had also been logged in your CRM as taken part in 3 customer interaction phone calls. Unfortunately we aren't able to offer this integration at the moment, nor other CRMs.
Building your own CRM integration
If you're looking to integrate, feel free to contact Teradata support to see if it's possible to pass experiment information forward. You could grab information like this from something like the data object, here:
Other Solutions
Short of this, is there other information you could extract / pass through to one of our audiences, here?
Equally, it would be possible to upload CRM data via list targeting (BETA). Enterprise clients can request access to the list targeting beta where they are able to target users by their UUID, so that they can download a userlist, match them to UUIDs, then upload the list to Optimizely for an experiment.
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Amanda 03-02-15

Re: Intergration with CRM

@Tammy --- can you provide some more specifics as to what you are hoping to accomplish? Broadly, "CRM" integrations fall into "data in" and "data out" categories: Either bringing Optimizely experiment data into the CRM (like Bizible does for Salesforce) or bringing data out of the CRM into Optimizely for targeting and/or segmentation. Which do you think is more relevant for you?


We'd be happy to provide some additional details once we know more about your particular scenario. 


Re: Intergration with CRM

Good idea. May be you will get profit which base on your features and settings,