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Intergration with Demandware

ben 03-06-15

Intergration with Demandware

Does anyone know if Optimizely works well with Demandware? I have a client who wants to use both and would love to hear more about it.

Ben Cole
Optimization Co-ordinator at Widerfunnel

Level 2

adzeds 03-09-15

Re: Intergration with Demandware

I have to be honest I have never seen Demandware before but having had a browse through their website I can't see any reason why Optimizely would not work well on there.

Be interesting to hear your thoughts on it if you do use it.
David Shaw
Level 11

Re: Intergration with Demandware

Hi Ben,


Thanks for posting your question regarding Optimizely and Demandware. The short answer to your question is: yes, Optimizely works with Demandware. The reason is that Optimizely is platform agnostic and works on the frontend of a website.


At the moment we are looking into building an integration with Demandware that will make it easier to implement Optimizely on a website that uses Demandware. For now, the Optimizely snippet has to be added to the Demandware template by a developer. 


I hope this helps. If you would like more information, please let us know.