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Ip redirects

kimf 10-06-16

Ip redirects

The site i am testing is using IP redirects based on geo's. That means that when i am setting up an experiment i am apparently being redirected to the English version of the site since i guess Optimizely is loading the overlay page in th editor from an US IP address or something like that. Would that be correct and is there something i can do to prevent that from happening?
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Reneevl 10-07-16

Re: Ip redirects

Hi there,


When you open your page in the Optimizely editor, the editor tries to load your page through proxy, HTTP and HTTPS. If HTTP or HTTPS succeeds before a timeout occurs, your page should load fine, since this will use your IP address. If HTTP and HTTPS timeout, and loading your page through proxy succeeds, your page will be loaded through a proxy server and that server's IP will be used.


What you could perhaps try to use is the Optimizely Editor loading extension. This should help with your loading issues.


I hope this helps!



Renée van Leijen
Technical Support Engineer