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Is Optimizely firing Gold, Silver, & Bronze customers?

zackattack 10-21-15

Is Optimizely firing Gold, Silver, & Bronze customers?

I'm a long time Gold plan user, and big fan of optimizely. I logged into my account today to see all of our experiments are paused, and our "accounts & billing" screen says "You haven't selected a plan yet. Subscribe to a plan to start testing today!".


A couple months ago, a new saleperson who had been with the company less than two months tried to get us on an enterprise plan, at a cost that is way more than prohibitive for our business (more than double what we're paying on the Gold plan), with less features. He also tried to scare us into moving to enterprise, telling us that the optimizely legal team will shut us down for running tests multiple sites. 


We opted to stay on the gold plan, as it meets all of our needs, and we're completely happy with it.'s page on plans spells out clearly that this is an option for us:


Gold plan members can "Keep your current plan - Do not take any action, keep paying the same price for your current plan.". And, the same page tells us we can run on up to 5 sites.


Has this happened to anyone else? 

Amanda 10-21-15

Re: Is Optimizely firing Gold, Silver, & Bronze customers?

Thanks for your comment. I know our Success team is currently in discussions with you to resolve the issue. Per our phone conversation earlier today, there are some special circumstances with your case and it's a unique situation. We'll be in contact with you by the end of day.