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Is my redirect test working correctly?

austin 06-02-14

Is my redirect test working correctly?



I have set up a redirect test which should redirect half the traffic to to The redirect seems to work fine in most cases, however every so often, it fails to trigger. I've opened an incognito window and made sure that I get put in the redirect bucket, yet then if I open say 20 tabs (in the same incognito environment) and go to on each, a handful don't perform the redirection.


I believe I've set up optimizely correctly (it's the first tag after the body). Is this errant behaviour? How can I get it to consistently redirect?



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Kathryn 06-03-14

Re: Is my redirect test working correctly?

Hi Austin,


My hunch is that you're accidentally triggering a security measure we have built in to our redirect experiments. In order to prevent redirect loops, there is a five second period after a redirect during which no further redirects cannot occur. So if you are trying to trigger redirects in close succession, this may be why you occasionally cannot get a redirect to work. You can test this theory out by making sure you leave five seconds between each redirect attempt.


If you're worried that something else might be the cause, I'm more than happy to take a furhter look for you. In that case, just let me know the experiment ID and I will investigate!


Kind regards,


austin 06-03-14

Re: Is my redirect test working correctly?

Hi Kathryn,


Thanks for your help! That makes sense and seems to be the reason.




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