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Issues using localhost

davecriswell 04-07-15

Issues using localhost

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I've read in some community articles that testing Optimizely on a locally hosted page can be done but am running into issues. - I have a URL at http://localhost:8000/example.html with URL targeting set to http://localhost:8000/example.html however receiving a message that the page is unable to load in the experiment and to add the snippet to the site.


I've confirmed the snippet is on the page.


The Diagnostic report indicates the targeting URL settings don't match but when running the URL match validator I receive a message that they match.


Any suggestions on what the issue could be?


Re: Issues using localhost

Hi Dave,


Thanks for reaching out! It sounds like you might be having Editor loading issues.

Here's a support article about troubleshooting common editor loading problems.


Could you give these methods a try and see if it resolves the issue? Otherwise, we'll explore further!



Amy Herbertson
Customer Success