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Linking Tests

AndyBanks 05-13-14
Accepted Solution

Linking Tests

I need to create two tests, with two versions in each test.


These are totally different pages on our site, with different goals, but share a common theme.


What I would like to be able to do is set these tests up so that users who get Version A of Test 1, also get Version A of Test 2 and those who get Version B of Test 1 also get Version B of Test 2.


It should not be possible to get Version A of one test, and Version B of another.


Is this possible with Optimizely?



MJBeisch 05-13-14

Re: Linking Tests

A single experiment set up as a multi-page type experiment would function as you described. However, that experiment type is a feature available to only gold-level (or higher) accounts. You can read about multi-page experiment setup here:
Matt Beischel - E-Commerce Optimization Specialist CohereOne

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siherron 05-13-14

Re: Linking Tests

Here are a couple of possible solutions, without understanding the test design or your technical flexibility it's difficult to pinpoint which would work best for you. Also, something to consider, running multiple tests over multiple pages isn't always a good idea as the more complex an experiment, the more difficult it can be to determine where your lift occurred (or didn't occur) - probably something you'd already considered but worth mentioning as I've minimal context on your experiment Smiley Happy


1. Multipage experiments - this might not be available on your account.

2. Code the jQuery to action different pieces of code depending on the page URL i.e.


if((location.href.indexOf("") > -1) {

//Do stuff

} elseif (location.href.indexOf("") > -1) {

//Do other stuff



3.If you want the same action to occur on multiple pages, then you could use the URL targeting functionality available on all Optimizely accounts.


Does that help - it's a fairly broad answer Smiley Happy

Simon Herron
Optimisation Consultant
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AndyBanks 05-13-14

Re: Linking Tests

Thanks all. A multi page experiment is exactly what I needed.