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Linking with Google Analytics Goal

bmartin 08-13-14

Linking with Google Analytics Goal

We have a goal setup in Google Analytics to see how many people hit our Order Complete page to track conversion percentages.  Is there a way to track which variation actually hit that goal?  So if I'm tracking an orange button and a green button I don't just want to know which one converted them to the next step (the button is on a product), I want to know if people clicking on the orange or green button ultimagely convert to paying customers.

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MJBeisch 08-13-14

Re: Linking with Google Analytics Goal

There's at least 2 things you could do here:

  1. Set up an equivalent goal in Optimizely for your experiment
  2. Integrate the experiment with your Google Analytics


For number 1, just set up a pageview goal that tracks pageviews to your Order Complete page. This is a very common goal to use on e-commerce sites. In fact, I usually take it a step further and have pageview goals for each page in the conversion process (cart, checkout, summary) so that I can compare dropoff between variations.


For number 2, here is the knowledge base article on how to integrate Optimizely with GA:


There's some implementation differences depending on whether you use Universal or Classic GA. Also keep in mind that once you have enabled analytics integration for an experiment it can take up to 24 hours for GA to get the data, so you may not be able to set up the GA custom segments for your variations right away.

Matt Beischel - E-Commerce Optimization Specialist CohereOne

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adzeds 08-14-14

Re: Linking with Google Analytics Goal

This is best done by integrating your experiement with Google Analytics.

You can then head to the Audience > Custom > Custom Variables
section, find your test and drill down to that goal to see which is performing best.
David Shaw
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