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Live Web Chat Integration

harv 03-29-16
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Live Web Chat Integration

Could anyone recommend a Live Web Chat platform that works within Optimizely? Ideally one that is also integrated with Segment (Drift, Live Chat, Lucky Orange, Olark, Snap Engage, Userlike).

I have contacted all the above and none have come back and said they have a specific integration. I wonder if any just work?



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JasonDahlin 03-29-16

Re: Live Web Chat Integration

LivePerson and Oracle would work just fine via Optimizely.

All you do to integrate the Chat feature is inject a DIV and a reference to the vendor library.  Setup of invitation rules, etc. are done through the vendor's admin panels.  The "chat now" invitation opens a page on their servers (most often).

Perhaps I am misunderstanding the question though...


If you are wanting to host chat on your servers, you need to set that up first.  Part of the implementation should be some code that you need to include in your HTML that creates the chat invitation.  You should be able to either:

1- use Optimizely to inject that code into the page

2- use Optimizely to hide the chat invitation (or detach it from the page)

--Jason Dahlin
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