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Loading time variation?

Genuin 10-19-15

Loading time variation?

Hi all!


I was just wondering about the loading time for the variation. My page is quiet slow in mobile browsers and if I analyze the page, with Google PageSpeed Insights, it says that the loading time could be optimize if I removed some heavy content.


My idea was to A/B test and see the effects if I removed this content. But would the overall page loading time be the same in this case? Because the heavy content would still be loaded for the Original version?


Thanks in advanced.



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JDahlinANF 10-19-15

Re: Loading time variation?

To test this you will need to remove the content from the source and then use an experiment to add it back to the page.


Untested idea: if you are manipulating a background image, try using Optimizely to insert some "! important" styles that use lower weight images.  That should (I think) cause the browser to not load the original background image which is no longer needed because you have overridden the value.


Note: If you are going to measure the amount of timing saved by removing content... be careful of how you do your measuring... be sure to test that how you are measuring page performance (load time) is able to capture the content you are inserting.