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Lost about "Create a Campaign"

Mr-BS 05-24-16
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Lost about "Create a Campaign"


I´m just reading this article from the knowledge base and juts a little bit lost about what I see:

Where can I find this black tab at the optimizely account were I manage my projects?

Or is it an completly diffent application or integration?

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Re: Lost about "Create a Campaign"

Hi sRBjoern,


Thanks for posting your question! Creating a campaign is part of our Personalization product, which is only included in specific (Enterprise) plans. Do you have access to that? If not, perhaps our Optimize based on Paid Ad Campaigns, SEM, or Google Adwords article helps you. If you do, can you private message me account-identifying information (e.g. an account-ID or project-ID) so I can go in and have a look?


If you're interested in our personalization product, drop me a private message and I can get you in touch with someone from our sales team.


I hope this helps!


Best wishes,



Mr-BS 06-26-16

Re: Lost about "Create a Campaign"

Hey Niles,
maybe you can send me a link were I can get some basic information about the personalization product. is okay but I want to know a little bit more how to create those projects. Maybe there is a manual?

Is it right that I can deliver different content based on user/visitor information?
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Re: Lost about "Create a Campaign"



Our Personalization product can indeed be used to deliver different content based on user/visitor information.


The Personalization product is only available to our paying Enterprise customers that have a Personalization subscription.


  • Are you in that group? If so, you'll have access to one of our Customer Success Managers. I can reach out to them for you to get you training. Please let me know any account identifying information.
  • Are you a (paying Enterprise) customer who doesn't have access to our Personalization product yet, and would you like to find out if it's something for you? If so, please let me know the best way to reach you, and some more identifying information such as the na and I can have someone from our Sales team reach out to you.