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Low traffic stats methodology

jongladwin Tuesday

Low traffic stats methodology



I like to know does Optimizely support "Low Traffic Stats Methodology" as Oracle Maximizer? :


"Low Traffic Stats Methodology":

Stats methodology that is optimized for low traffic (less than 1000 generations per day per experience)."


Michal Wednesday

Re: Low traffic stats methodology

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The link you shared seems to be gated behind a login so I can't access it and an online search for 'Low Traffic Stats Methodology' from Maximizer also doesn't yield any results, unfortunately.


This means I can't tell you how what Maximizer does compares to our product. We're not using any alternative statistical model for experiments/websites with low traffic as this would have implications on the reliability of the presented results. Instead, we offer tips for testing on low-traffic pages that you can use to increase your chances of reaching statistical significance.


We also offer a machine learning algorithm that can be deployed to decrease the time it takes to reach statistical significance for your experiment metrics. You can read about the feature in detail in the following blog posts:

Part 1 

Part 2 


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