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Make whole product div a hyperlink

elburnso 06-08-16
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Make whole product div a hyperlink



I'm hoping you can help me. I'm trying to make the whole product space around a product a hyperlink. Currently its only the product image and product title that is hyperlinked. By hyperlinking the wole area i'm hoping to increase the conversion rate on mobile.


See link below to the category where I'm trying to implement this. I have tried amending the code Derry GAA Carron Half Zip Training Top but its putting an underline under the price and reward points text. Is there an easy way to hyperlink a whole div?


Many Thanks


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CouchPsycho 06-09-16

Re: Make whole product div a hyperlink



an an onclick-event to the div but do not forget to adjust the cursor behaviour also. Since your items do not have any kind of id, as far as i can see, you will have to use optimizely to find a selector or add it to all items like this:



      var link = jQuery(this).find("a:eq(0)").attr("href");
      jQuery(this).click(function(){ window.location.href=link; });


This should work :-)
Kind regards


elburnso 06-09-16

Re: Make whole product div a hyperlink

Thank you, that worked a treat, Your a legend



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