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Measuring Bounce Rate

agenta 04-20-15

Measuring Bounce Rate



new to Optimizely and need to test a few different landing pages. One KPI i would like to measure is the bounce rate, is this do-able thru Optmizely?



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MJBeisch 04-20-15

Re: Measuring Bounce Rate

There currently is no concrete way to track bounce rate with Optimizely. It's the most upvoted product feature request on Optiverse. Follow that link for a rather detailed conversation on teh topic.


Quick reference, there are a few workarounds:


  1. The "Engagement" goal is default for any new experiment. This goal tracks if a user clicked on anything on the page at all. You can use this as sort of an "inverse" to bounce rate, though it's not a perfect 1-to-1 correlation.
  2. Integrate Google Analytics with your project/experiment, and track bounce rate through that. Instructions on GA integration here:
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