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Measuring multiple goals

owens2024 01-05-16
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Measuring multiple goals

Is there a way within Optimizely to track if multiple goals are met?  So for example, say I have an experiement where I change a CTA.  I can measure how many people click the CTA via a custom goal and I can also track things like purchase conversion, revenue, etc ...  But is there a way to see of the people who clicked the CTA what was their purchase conversion rate (or any other goal)?  



JDahlinANF 01-06-16

Re: Measuring multiple goals

Do you have a goal for your Thank You page?
Are you recording revenue in Optimizely yet?

The default dashboard will only tell you how many users in each variation meet each goal, not which broken down by whether they met any of the sub-goals along the way).

But, you can look at your dashboard for specific segments.

If you want to know how many people in variation B clicked on a specific CTA *and* completed an order, you would need to create a segment for that CTA and add an event listener so that when the user clicks that CTA they are added to the "I clicked it" segment.

I suggest something along the lines of creating a segment for "CTA click" and then you can pass a value into that segment that is the CTA that you are tracking - this way the same segment can be used to track different CTAs across different experiments. The caveat here is that a user can only have one value for each segment at one time...

In your dashboard, you would then change your "Segment" drop-down to look at how many order the "I clicked it" segment produced.
owens2024 01-07-16

Re: Measuring multiple goals

We have goals for the thank you page and for the revenue and those are working well.  


How do I create a segment based on a goal?  If I were able to create a segment based on a goal, that would work well, but I don't see where/how to do that.


- Lee

JDahlinANF 01-07-16

Re: Measuring multiple goals

On your "home" page, click "Dimension" and set up a new dimesion.

Once you have it defined, you can then add code to your site that gives users values for this dimension.


For example, I have a dimension named "last_purchase_date".

On my order confirmation page, i added code that calculates todays date in javascript then send the segment data to Optimizely:


var segment = yearNumber +'-'+ monthNumber +'-'+ weekNumber;

optimizely.push(['addToSegment', 'last_purchase_date', segment]);
window.optimizely.push(['trackEvent', "sendSegmentData"]);

You can do the same for "people who placed orders" - maybe your dimension is a simple "yes" value for that dimension.


Having a segment on purchasers may not be very useful though... you usually don't want to see how people who bought stuff convert (its at 100%).

This would be more useful for people who clicked a CTA.
e.g., dimension = "cta_clickers"

Add code to your site (perhaps inside each variation's code editor) that submits the sendSegmentData for each CTA you want tracked.

emgao 05-18-16

Re: Measuring multiple goals

I had a similar question and Bryce from Support helped me find a solution through creating a Custom Event Goal that tracks two click goals with && logic. Optimizely stores the last 100 Custom Event Goals visitor has triggered in localStorage under the key of 'optimizely_data$$customEvents' - here is the template for code that has worked for me:

(function() {
var event1 = ''; // String of custom event name to match
var event2 = '';

var optlyEvents = window.localStorage.getItem('optimizely_data$$customEvents');
if(optlyEvents.match(event1) && optlyEvents.match(event2)) {
window['optimizely'] = window['optimizely'] || [];
window.optimizely.push(['trackEvent', 'event_name']); // Name of cumulative goal

You just need to convert your two current default Click / Page Goals into Custom Event Goals to plug into event1 and event2.
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