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Message after launching experiment

jonathanr 11-17-14

Message after launching experiment

I have just launced a new experiment and received an onscreen diagnostic report that says:


Your experiment has started, however we noticed the following:

Your experiment appears to be implemented correctly.


This seems to want action but doesnt seem to be an error?  Not sure if i need to do anything?

Amanda 11-17-14

Re: Message after launching experiment

Hey there @jonathanr - This message would have the error "Your experiment is not implemented correctly" if there was something wrong. For example, if the snippet was not on the page you would see a message specifying this error. 


In your case, everything seems to be good to go! Just keep an eye on the results and make sure some data is starting to come in. 


Sorry for any confusion caused. Let me know if you have any additional questions.