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Minified version of JS

dbv 06-01-15

Minified version of JS

Hi folks,


Does anyone know where I can find a minified version of the


We got a 96/100 on the Google Page Test and the Optimizely JS is the only one that's not minified.



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Noah 06-01-15

Re: Minified version of JS

Correct me if I'm wrong - but isn't that code already minified?
Noah Shunfenthal
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adzeds 06-02-15

Re: Minified version of JS

It is fairly minified but it is not 100% which is why it is throwing the error!

Guess it is a good question for the optimizely team. Why is it not 100% minified?
David Shaw
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MartijnSch 06-02-15

Re: Minified version of JS

Still a lot of breaks in the file that could be minified. It probably will save you 100 bytes, but every one of them could be a timesaver ;-)
dbv 06-02-15

Re: Minified version of JS

Yep, sorry to be pedantic, but we're trying to squeeze out every possible byte that we can for performance reasons. We're especially sensitive to this because our tools are actually widgets that run on other people's sites (ie. we're on the right hand site)
or browser extensions (, so our code can't even kick off until their DOM is already rendered, so that automatically adds an extra 1 - 1 1/2 second delay to our load time, which puts us at a disadvantage to everything else on the page.
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Re: Minified version of JS

Is there a resolution to this? I too am attempting to improve my Google Page Insights score and the Optimizely script is reducing my score because it's not 100% minified.

Why is this script not completely minified? Is there an additional minified copy available? If not, does Optimizely have plans to provide one?

Re: Minified version of JS

Hi David and others,


Because of the way we render the client template with optional stuff (geo, integrations, etc), it's pretty difficult for us right now to accomplish further minifying of our snippet in our existing (A/B) client.


We could further minify the snippet by compiling all of the snippet contents into one bundle, but unfortunately I cannot give you a timeframe for when that should be done. Fortunately the snippet is already pretty minified, so I feel that the extra load time should be marginal.





Re: Minified version of JS

Naturally it's hard for me to understand the hurdles remotely, but thank you for the quick reply. Although arguably marginal, every byte counts in my opinion. This is the impact Google Page Insights estimates it to be:


Minifying [Optimizely JS] could save 662B (2% reduction) after compression.


I appreciate your openness. I hope your team can find a method to provide a completely minified resource soon. Thanks.