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Mixed content, CORS, errors and only interactive mode

jordan_kiddom 05-05-16

Mixed content, CORS, errors and only interactive mode

Hey -- 


I'm having issues getting the editor to load my site. 


I've tried using "allow insecure mode" of both Chrome and Firefox, but both behave poorly: 


Chrome won't load at all, the screen loads white. Firefox loads my app (it flickers a few times, slowly, then stays up) but despite being in "editor" mode, all the elements of my site are clickable as they would be if I were in Interactive mode. Changing modes doesn't help. 



In my network inspector, it shows 1,000+ requests (far more than my site actually requires) and hundreds of mixed content warnings (saying content was loaded, not blocked). I can see my in-app tracking events firing multiple times. 


I cannot create experiments. 


How can I debug? 

DavidS 05-06-16

Re: Mixed content, CORS, errors and only interactive mode

Hi jordan_kiddom,


Thanks for reaching out!

Would you mind posting a link to your website so i can have a look? If you don't want to share the URL publicly, you can pm me directly the link. I'll be then able to provide with more troubleshooting steps.


Also, have you tried installing the Optimizely Chrome Extension on Google Chrome?  This will inject some Javascript code to make sure the Visual Editor loads better. 


I hope that is helpful. Feel more than free to reply back with any additional questions at all.