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Mixpanel integration on android

fistuk 06-29-16

Mixpanel integration on android


I already have both sdks, mixpanel and optimizely, running successfully(separately). Afetr following the instruction:

1. Enabling mixpanel integration on the optimizely dashboard

2. Adding gradle dependency:

compile 'com.optimizely:mixpanelintegration:+@aar'

 3. initialization order is: mixpanel -> optimizely

I still cant see the optimizely super propeties in my mixpanel events.

Any suggestions?



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tedroddy 06-30-16

Re: Mixpanel integration on android

A support request for this issue was filed in addition to this post. @fistuk figured out that the app was starting in Edit mode. For the benefit of others who might find this by searching Optiverse, I will clarify that in Edit mode, integrations will not be active and events will not send.