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Mobile Audience Segmenatation not turning "on".

ehannan 02-23-15

Mobile Audience Segmenatation not turning "on".

My issue:


I created three experiments for two seperate pages on the same www.domain.


The site adjusts for mobile viewing. The experiments run great except on all mobile and tablet it completly is distorted and not user friendly.


I created two "Audiences" except there is no way to turn them on. With segmentation for "desktop" and "mobile visitors". How do I turn them on?




How do I design an experiement just for mobile visitor that doesnt look all messy? The UI is a total disaster when Optimizely is turned "on". So I had to turn all the experiments off.


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Joel_Balmer 02-24-15

Re: Mobile Audience Segmenatation not turning "on".

Hi there!


Once you've created an audience, using a mixture of conditions, it does not need to be turned on. Whenever you start your experiment, your test will simply let in (or not let in) users that meet those conditions!


If you're referring to turning on segmentation, yes you need to 'flick the switch' in order to do that, however, only enterprise customers have access to segmentation of any audience (starter plans have access to basic segmentation). For details, see our full feature list, here. Once an audience has been segmented and your results start to populate with visitors from those audiences, you can view them by clicking on the appropriate segment - for more details see our article on this, here.


In terms of your mobile question, I wonder if it might be best to post this as a separate question on the Optiverse (as this covers a slightly different topic)? But briefly, in my experience customers like to create desktop test and mobile tests separately, and target these visitirs by audience, which is useful if your mobile and desktop site shares the same URL. You may also want to search our community / post for best practices for making layout changes across multiple devices / screens, or with regards to responsive design (this resource may or may not help you, here).


I hope some of that information helps!