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Mobile and Desktop a/b testing

jenniew_uk 05-09-16
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Mobile and Desktop a/b testing

So I want to do a a/b test of a alternative carousel image for both mobile and desktop site, the site is not responsive so I have two different sizes of the new carousel. 

I assume that I have to create 2 different experiments to do this? So one specifically for desktop and one for mobile. 

Is that correct?

jpfotoz 05-09-16

Re: Mobile and Desktop a/b testing

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Yes, I would do two experiments since you don't have a responsive site.  Be sure to target each experiment to only apply to the destop or mobile devices - else you'll get conflicts.

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Re: Mobile and Desktop a/b testing

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@jpfotoz is right. Use 2 experiments and set up your audience targeting to distinguish between the 2 sites.

There's multiple ways to do this, more info here

At my organization we have multiple different products/sites.

For one of them, we actually use a query parameter called "viewType", so when I experiment on mobile vs. desktop, I use the Audience condition for "Query Parameter"

*Desktop: viewType = FULL
*Mobile: viewType = MOBILE

However on another site/product, we use screenwidth to distinguish between the two, so I'll use Custom Javascript Audience Conditions
*Desktop: screen width > 979px

*Mobile: screen width <= 979px

Hope that was some helpful info, Good Luck!

Lyndsey 05-10-16

Re: Mobile and Desktop a/b testing

 +1 to both of the previous responders!


Optimizely is compatible with sites that use responsive design, using a combination of the web and mobile web Visual Editor. As you resize the Optimizely Editor window, the site will respond as it normally would and you can edit it at the desired screen size.


To view pages at widths less than 1000px, you should switch the editor into Mobile Web mode using Options > Editor Settings. You may also use this menu to select which device to simulate when viewing your page.

Here's more information on that:

I generally recommend that customers create 2 experiments (you can simply duplicate the current one), and then tailor one for mobile web experiences by using the mobile web Visual Editor, while the other remains in desktop settings.


You'll want to update the Audience conditions for each experiment to target either Mobile or Desktop users, so that visitors will be bucketed into the appropriate experiments based on their browsing device.

Here's more on device audience conditions:


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