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Modal Popup Delay Split Test

b1gcat 05-19-15

Modal Popup Delay Split Test



Just had a quick question about split testing the delay on an email capture modal.


I assume the modal delay is triggered by Javascript, correct? (Sorry not a developer!)


I've tried a couple ways but couldn't figure out how to change this on Variation #1 of the split test. I see the options to change the HTML but I can't see the Java.


Whats the easiest way to do this? Thanks!



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JDahlinANF 05-20-15

Re: Modal Popup Delay Split Test

To add JavaScript to a variation, at the bottom right of the variation you'll see a "edit code" link.  Click it - this is where you can enter some javascript.


But - you will need to know what to do to create the effect you desire for this variation.

For this, you'll want to involve your developers to figure out a way to delay the popup.

Mario 05-20-15

Re: Modal Popup Delay Split Test


This knowledge base article gives a brief introduction about the edit code box.

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