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Modify a Form by Pardot

Ruiyang12 01-14-15

Modify a Form by Pardot




We have a form created through Pardot on our website. When I try to edit the form, say removing some fields in the Optimizely editor, I don't see a choice of editing the html code. Is there any way that I can do that?


Thank you!

MartijnSch 01-15-15

Re: Modify a Form by Pardot

How did you implement Pardot on your website (not via an iframe I hope?)?

Brian_Abad 01-15-15

Re: Modify a Form by Pardot

Hey @Ruiyang12 ,


When looking to remove some fields in the editor, are you able to use the Remove feature over the Edit HTML feature? 


More on this tool can be found here:


Or does the problem stem from the element not appearing within the editor at all? If this is the case, I piggy back on @MartijnSch 's comment in asking whether this content is loaded via an iframe. If it is in an iframe, it may be helpful to take a look into this knowledge base article for information on how that content is not rendered within the Optimizely editor when loading the parent page:

Brian Abad
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Ruiyang12 01-16-15

Re: Modify a Form by Pardot

I did, but it seems like the form is built with iFrame, and there is no direct access to the html code. I tried to replace all the code in one main container with the code I found on our live website, but I am scared that it won't work as people cannot submit their information and even if they can, their information cannot be re-route to Pardot automatically.