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Mouse down-eventlistener not set on link

JorgenFroland 12-02-14

Mouse down-eventlistener not set on link



I have set up an experiment, but it seems that the event listener on mousedown-events is not set properly.


This is what I have done to investigate this:


After I have started running a test, I visit the page (same behavior across browsers). I then right-click on a link to inspect the element. I locate "Event Listeners" to find the optimizely-script under the mousedown-event, but the script is not there. I can find other scripts that have hooked on to the mousedown event. I then reload the page, with the debugging-window still open, and the optimizely-script appears under the mousedown-event.


Why does it behave this way?

Brian_Abad 12-02-14

Re: Mouse down-eventlistener not set on link

Hey @JorgenFroland ,


Do you have a specific URL and link where this is occurring? Are you setting up a click goal on this particular link via Optimizely's click goal interface or are you creating a custom event goal to fire based on the `mousedown` action? Is this link available upon page load?


Thanks for the added information!

Brian Abad
Manager, Technical Support
Customer Success