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Multiple elements in a click goal?

hbaecklund 09-08-14
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Multiple elements in a click goal?

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How are conversions being tracked with Multiple elements in a click goal? The only clue I can find is "A click goal is registered every time a visitor clicks on a tracked element on your page." from So I assume a visitor only need to click on one of the tracked elements in order to be tracked?

Kathryn 09-08-14

Re: Multiple elements in a click goal?

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You're correct - if you're tracking multiple elements in one click goal, then the user only needs to click on one of these elements in order to trigger this goal. 


As regards what is going on behind the scenes, Optimizely uses jQuery selectors in order to specify which elements should be tracked. If you're curious, you can see which selectors are being tracked by clicking the option to edit a certain goal and opening up the "Advanced" section. Here you can see a field labelled "Selector", which contains one or more selectors which will be tracked. Multiple selectors are separated by a comma. 


Selectors either refer to a CSS class or ID attached to an element or elements or else use the HTML structure of the document to specify where the element to be tracked is located. A CSS ID can only appear once per page, whereas a class tends to specify multiple elements with common characteristics. Classes are therefore really handy if you want to track a set of identical buttons on a page.


In any case, as soon as you click on any element which is specified in the click goal you've set up, the click goal will fire and a conversion will be counted.


Hope this helps!


hbaecklund 09-08-14

Re: Multiple elements in a click goal?

Boom! Thx!