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Multiple tests on the homepage

jenniew_uk 05-16-16

Multiple tests on the homepage

I have set up multiple tests on different elements of the homepage (the search box) CTA on the top nav and a image change further down.

The original one of some tests contain my variation of another test and vice versa. Will that impact my results? 

Mario 05-17-16

Re: Multiple tests on the homepage

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out to the community. 


The answer is Yes. If you run several (overlapping) experiments on the same page, your visitors get to see a combination of those experiments.

Visitor A : Exp1-Var1 , Exp2-Var3, Exp3-Var1
Visitor B : Exp1-Var2 , Exp2-Var1, Exp3-Var3
Visitor C : Exp1-Var1 , Exp2-Var1, Exp3-Var2


Every visible change may influence a visitor's behaviour and thus your conversion rates, which is why multiple experiments on the same page will definitively impact your results.


However, following article about Simultaneous testing and mutually exclusive experiments might be helpful.




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