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My conversions are counted as "Directed"

alexandre-mru 02-09-15

My conversions are counted as "Directed"


I've launched an A/B last week but had to stop last friday.

I've noticed that the conversions from my "B" page are counted as "Direct" on analytic and not counted on the A/B tool.


Therefore i have troubleshootings : 

- I can't use the Facebook conversion tracker. My conversion rate has dropped in number, increased in price.

- The tool from Optimizely is not counting the conversions (almost never).


The goal definied is how many people have visited a webpage.

I'm using Google tage Manager where is integrated Optimizely tracker, Facebook Pixel, Twitter Pixel, AdWords conversion tracker).


Any idea where this could come from?


Best Regards



Brian_Abad 02-09-15

Re: My conversions are counted as "Directed"

Thanks for your question!

Which analytic platform is being used that displays redirected traffic as "Direct"? If it is Google Analytics, turning on the Optimizely <> Google Analytics integration allows Optimizely to save the URL where a user comes from and set that on the redirected page. The key here is that Optimizely is installed on the webpage *before* the other analytic platform.
Brian Abad
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