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My experiments are reordered on the dashboard...why?

AmyB 11-13-14

My experiments are reordered on the dashboard...why?

Hi everyone,

In our company, a few different people have access to our Optimizely account.


Sometimes experiments in the dashboard appear in a different order, meaning that older experiments appear at the top of the dashboard. I ask my team members -- they tell me that no changes have been made to the experiments.


We're floating a couple of theories and need help controling this environment better, please.


The first theory is that simply by clicking "View Results" in an experiment listed in the Dashboard, the experiment is moved to the top of the list. I've tried that -- doesn't appear to be true.


The second theory is that when someone is in the experiment they click on "edit", or some other function inside of the experiment while they're there. I don't believe they click "save", but simply exit the unchanged experiment. However, by editing (or clicking some other edit feature in the experiment) they are raising it to the top of the dashboard.


The last theory is that they're doing something that I can neither figure out nor replicate.


We're not going to be able to limit the numbers of people in the account. Can you please tell me how to keep the dashboard from being reordered when they do go in to view the data?




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MartijnSch 11-14-14

Re: My experiments are reordered on the dashboard...why?

We had the same issue, I always assumed your second theory that it saved a 'save date' and then reordered the data.

Re: My experiments are reordered on the dashboard...why?

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Hi @AmyB,


On my side I see that the default sorting view is alphabetical order by experiment name.  Even if I rearrange the order on the Dashboard, or make some edits within an experiment, any time I refresh the Dashboard, the default alphabetical view reappears.


If you weren't already aware, anyone on your team can sort their view of the Dashboard by clicking on the following column headers:

  • Experiment Name
  • Status
  • Visitors
  • Last Modified

Do you or your other team members see the alphabetical listing?  Is your team sorting by those column headers?


If neither of these suggestions helps, I can open a ticket with Support & we will dive more deeply into your specific issue.  Thanks.

Harrison Krat
Solutions Architect | Optimizely, Inc.
AmyB 11-17-14

Re: My experiments are reordered on the dashboard...why?

Thanks Harrison. It's not a "sort" issue. I actually wish I could set the dashboard default to sort by date.

The issue is that the dashboard shows individual experiments rising to the top. (Martijn, I think you're right -- someone on the team is making a change without knowing it. When I ask they say they didn't change anything).

I'll have to open a Support ticket to get answers.

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