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New To Optimizely - Question about Click Goals

nathanpabich 04-20-15

New To Optimizely - Question about Click Goals

Hi there, thanks for reading.


I set up a test about 20 days ago. I simply changed the clickable text of a call to action on product pages. I set up the click goal to be clicks of this text.


The results so far have shown over 50 clicks on my new test variation and 0 clicks on the old variation. Due to this landslide, I feel I must have missed a step in the click goal setup.


Any ideas would be very helpful. Thanks again.



MJBeisch 04-20-15

Re: New To Optimizely - Question about Click Goals

Considering that the experiment has been running for about 20 days, you can probably discount a data point with 0 results. You're right in suspecting that there might be something up with the experiment configuration. A couple questions that would help troubleshoot the issue:


First, you can double-check with elements are being tracked on a page in the experiment editor. Turn on "Element Tracking" from the options menu. That will put a red border (in the editor, not on the live site) around any element that is tracked with a click goal. Details here:


Turn that on and look at both variations. Are you seeing the red outline around your call-to-action? If yes, then the goal is likely set up correctly and the data you're seeing is accurate. If you don't see a red outline around the CTA in the changed variation, then it might have something to do with how you have the experiment set up.


How is the experiment set up? Are you redirecting to a different page, or are you doing a content replacement on-page? If you're doing a redirect, then be aware that, by default, click goals only function on pages targeted by the experiment. If the redirected page is not a valid URL target for the experiment (it usually isn't, and shouldn't) then you need to set up manual URL configuration on the goal. Details here:


If you're not doing a redirect, then it might have to do with how you're altering the content. Goals target an element based on a jQuery selector, similar to CSS targeting. If you replaced the button entirely with different code, you might have changed an ID or class associated with the HTML elements that make up the button. Thus, the goal is only functioning on one variation, but not the other. You'll have to change the CTA in such a way that you preserve the ability for jQuery to target it on both variations.

Matt Beischel - E-Commerce Optimization Specialist CohereOne

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jonopens 04-21-15

Re: New To Optimizely - Question about Click Goals

@nathanpabich is the class or id of the element you are changing different between the control and the experiment? that's the first thing I would check if it were me.
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Re: New To Optimizely - Question about Click Goals

@MJBeisch and @jonopens - thank you both. The class ID is indeed different. Not something I expected to change. thanks for the insight.