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New resultspage tab - Lifecycle

plac3bodk 02-23-16
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New resultspage tab - Lifecycle

Hi everyone.


I just stumbled upon the new tab, Lifecycle, in the resultspage.


I'm guessing it will be possible to see more detailed info about your test, divided into several stages, but are there any documentation on this new feature?


Thanks in advance.


plac3bodk 02-23-16

Re: New resultspage tab - Lifecycle

So I did a little digging myself and found the following description on the resultspage in the lifecycle tab:


This chart shows the percent of visitors who converted on this goal during a period of days after a first joining the experiment.

X axis: Days after a visitor joined the experiment.

Y axis: Percent of visitors that returned and triggered this goal during the given time period.

Note: A visitor can be a returning visitor in some, all or no buckets.

Tip: Use segments to get a better sense of retention of new users.