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New subscription plans

kkvince 06-23-16

New subscription plans

Hi there


Just logged into my Optimizely account this morning and saw, that a lot of changes has been made to the Optimizely UI.


I also saw, that plans have been changed so that it isn't possible to have a free account anymore.


So I just wnna hear. If I created my free account over a yar ago, will it still shut down when the month passes, until I sign up for a paid account?


Kind regards


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AllisonR 06-24-16

Re: New subscription plans

Hi Vince,


Accounts created before June 20th will continue to be available although this plan type has been deprecated. On June 20th we introduced a new free trial option which gives you full access to the platform for 30 days free of charge. After that you will have the opportunity to upgrade to an Enterprise subscription. 


It looks like the account you are using now is on an free trial, can you let me know the id of the account you signed up for over a year ago? 



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