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Newbie Experiment Help

dbnspecperf 01-27-17

Newbie Experiment Help

Hi all!  Forgive this newbie question if the answer should be self-explanatory but thank you in advance.


We have a multi-page survey...


We have set up the experiment URL as


We have the snippet on all pages.


We have goals that include views thankyou (substring).


None of the visitors from our experiment (100+) show as completing this goal.  Did we need to add the thankyou page under the URL targeting setting?


Side note: I acknowledge that the addition of a phone number on the landing page could siphon off some of the visitors but 90 of the 167 visitors did continue to the next page.

Re: Newbie Experiment Help

yes you need to set up a thank you page to track the goals (you need 2 scripts in your thank you page, one for the experiment and one for the goal tracking). Set your experiments as a funnel test, once all variation had been configurated, check the snippet code, and make sure the code is in all your funnels, make some test before launch your experiments

There are six essential steps that you'll use in every experiment:

Add a page (where your experiment will run)
Add an audience (who will see your experiment)
Add metrics (how you'll measure success)
Set traffic distribution (how traffic will be split between variations)
Create variations (make changes to your site with the Visual Editor or custom code)
QA your experiment and publish it live to the world!
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